Gallery  (2009-2010, 2010-2011)

Pictures from May 15, 2011
Pictures from April 10, 2011
Pictures from March 13, 2011

Pictures from February 13, 2011
Photos from December 12, 2010 (by Regina Andrews)
Nancy Nicholson, piano; Erica Schiller, flute; Emily Anthony, violin; Donald Rankin, piano
Photos from November 14, 2010
Julianna Tauschinger-Dempsey, soprano, with Lynda Gulley, piano; Marina Irgon, violin, with Masako Fidler, piano; President/Stage Manager Haig Yaghoobian
Photos of Barbara Speer, benefit concert pianist September 26
Photos from Presidents Day, 2010
Photos from the March 14th Musicale
Photos from the February 14th Musicale (2010)
Photos from the January 10th Musicale (2010)
Photos from the December 13th Musicale
Photos from the November 8th Musicale and Tea (2009)