Organization 2015-2016
Past Presidents, Officers of the Club, Directors, and Chairmen of Committees


President John Simpson
First Vice-President Deborah Concannon
Second Vice-President  Elizabeth Berberian
Recording Secretary Joan Lusk
Corresponding Secretary  Mako Fidler

Treasurer Marian Decesaris
Scholarship Treasurer Elizabeth Reardon
Historian-Librarian - Gabriel Alfieri

John Simpson (12/2015), Gabriel Alfieri (2/16), Matthew Knippel (3/2016), Anessa Petteruti (10/2017) 2 positions open


Membership Chair Gabriel Alfieri

Scholarship Chair Karen  Dingley; Matt Knippel; Elizabeth  Reardon, Treasurer; 
Friendship Birgitta Whited, Chair

Program Emily Anthony, Chair; Gabriel Alfieri

Hospitality James & Marian DeCesaris, Co-Chairs,  Deborah Concannon, Masako Fidler, Carol Greifer, Joan Lusk, Peggy O'Neill, Jane Rankin, Linda Zambrano
Publicity  Emily Anthony, Chair; Anessa Petteruti

Newsletter & Website Joan Lusk, Chair; Chopin Club Executive Board
Nominations Elizabeth S. Berberian, Deborah Concannon, Co-Chairs

Yearbook Joan Lusk, Chair
President's Day
Deborah Concannon and Elizabeth Schwering Berberian , Co-Chairs
Nominations Elizabeth Jane Berberian, Deborah Concannon

Investment Advisory Committee  James DeCesaris
Auditor TBD

Constitution and By-Laws
There have been changes in practice from the version revised and printed in 2007 and posted here.  The requirements for auditioning for active membership were updated, and in 2016 there will be a Musicale in January.

Membership (A-Z)
Membership (by instrument)