Chopin Club Scholarships


The Scholarship Committee's first priority is to give merit-based awards to graduating Chopin Student Musicians who intend to major in music in college.  When additional funds are available and financial need is demonstrated, the Committee considers funding for continuing college undergraduates, for professional musician members pursuing further musical development, and for graduate students.

In order to be eligible for an award, a graduating Chopin Student Musician, a continuing college undergraduate, or a graduate student must have been an active member of the Chopin Student Musicians Club for at least two years.  An adult applicant must have been a member of the Chopin Adult Club for at least two years and must plan to remain a member of the club.

Adult applicants must establish financial need before any monies are awarded. Adult applicants who are professional musicians are required to present a specific project designed to further their musical development.

Awards are considered whether or not applicants have received past support from the Chopin Club. To request an application or to have questions answered, please contact the Scholarship Committee Chair, in time to complete and submit an application by March 16th - the normal deadline of March 1st has been extended.

The Scholarship Committee co-chairs are

Manabu Takasawa and Jane Revkin. 

Prospective applicants should contact Prof. Takasawa:

15 Hevey Road, N. Attleboro, MA 02760 

New Scholarship for students in college or graduate study


The Board is very pleased to announce that Patricia Libby of Boston has endowed the Sarah and Harold Libby Scholarship Fund of the Chopin Club in the name of her parents.

Sarah Libby traveled from Omaha in 1923 to study at The New England Conservatory; she left to marry and raise a family in Providence.  She remained dedicated to her piano and to the Chopin Club throughout her lifetime, and served as President of the Club for several years.  Harold Libby, M.D., was always supportive of her interests and of the advancement of scholarship of all kinds.

The endowment will be managed by the Rhode Island Foundation. The Chopin Club will receive annual grants from the Sarah and Harold Libby Scholarship Fund to be distributed as scholarships to college or graduate students who demonstrate financial need, are pursuing music as a profession, and were active members of the Chopin Student Musicians while in high school or are now active members of the Chopin Club.  The Libby Scholarship complements the existing scholarship funds of the Chopin Club which have been designated preferentially as merit scholarships for graduating high school senior members of the Student Musicians who plan to major in music in college or conservatory. In the past, if funds were available after the merit scholarships were awarded, former members of the Chopin Student Musicians or current members of the Chopin Club were invited to apply for scholarship aid if they were in college or graduate school, pursuing music as a profession, and could demonstrate financial need. The Sarah and Harold Libby Scholarship Endowment will now ensure that funds will be available for the college and graduate music students.

Scholarship Awards 2012

Two talented pianist received the 2012 awards:


Nikita Zabinsky. Nikita graduated from high school last Spring and is now a freshman at the Boston Conservatory of Music.  His award was presented to him by Karen Dingley at the May grduation concert of the Club.


Mo Tian.  The first recipient of the Sarah and Harold Libby Scholarship, Mo is now in the doctoral program in music and teaching at the University oConnecticut. ManChopin Club members have had the pleasure of hearing Mo play at our musicales, most recently his Beethoven Sonata in Ab, opus 110, on November 11.